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The rising stock market graph excites everyone, but at the same time, the pitfalls scare as well.

You might have seen people saying that trading is the game of LUCK, but at share bazaar academy, we believe that Trading is 99% the game of MIND and 1% the game of LUCK.

It involves chart reading techniques, statistical knowledge, risk management, timely decisions, and the most important proficiency to handle market fluctuations through the language of chart.

While all these things may seem difficult to anyone at once, share bazaar academy helps make things exceptionally easy. Our courses & books are fully organized, well-structured and help the people to know the comprehensive knowledge of trading at immensely low cost.

Why Choose Us

We are passionate about Intraday trading techniques, swing trading techniques, chart reading techniques, and short term trading techniques that attract powerful earnings in the stock market. The institute offers seminar/webinar stock market classes all over india. share market courses to assist individuals step forward with a positive attitude in the finance platform


We are team of management graduates Led by Shadab Malik who will help traders to gain profit from the Stock Market since 2018. We provide the best knowledge that bring results. Being the best means providing an outstanding education that gives success in your trading journey.

“Shadab Malik” completed his education from university of delhi after that he started his investing journey in 2016.

After too much practical research he decode the price action that how price work in stock market by understand the chart language. he is helping traders to gain profit from the stock market since 2018. At present he is a consistent profitable trader, financial advisor, business coach & a book author name “DECODE PRICE ACTION’ which is internationally known for technical analysis having ISBN number [978-93-5620-187-3] available on amazon kindle and Google play books and currently he is spreading his knowledge through various social platform i.e – youtube, facebook, Instagram, telegram also running a financial academy “Share Bazaar Academy” which will help trader to understand the depth analysis of stock market, securities market, forexmarket, currency, commodity market etc.


CEO at ‘Share Bazaar Academy’

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