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Zero To Hero

Share Bazaar Academy is one of the best share market institute in Delhi.

Zero To Hero

As I observe in my trading & teaching career due to greed and some fake tips & signals People directly jump into the market to trade options, Specially on weekly expiry in nifty & banknifty without the proper mindset & knowledge and without any prior profit & loss calculation. And in my opinion, mindset is 50%, Money management is 30% and Setup is 20%. We provide you advance strategy setup, clear objective rules, and multiple checkpoints to improve your trading mindset and this course offers you all to prepare yourself from Zero to Hero Trader.

Reasons to Trade Options For Zero to hero.

  • 10 – 1000% Quick Returns
  • Low Capital – Start with as much as low capital i.e 1000 Rs Only
  • Very Low Risk and Very High Returns
  • Get Quick response from market no time wasting
  • Most Powerfull Strategy to trade option

Here is a glimpse what you will learn :

  • Understand trading Psychology.
  • How to develop an actual mindset for trading.
  • How you can follow the big player’s footprint.
  • Understand the level of identification for stock selection.
  • Strategy for intraday trading with Entry & Exit.
  • Strategy for GAP’s trading with Entry & Exit.
  • Strategy for positional trading with Entry & Exit.
  • Strategy for options selling for expiry.
  • Strategy From 60k to 18 Lakhs-
  • BE THE BULL & Trade Like A Pro

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